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8,767,713Apparatus and method for allowing page monitoring of a communication system during traffic / broadcast channel operation without reducing traffic performance
8,099,095Method and apparatus for controlling operation of an access terminal in a communication system
7,953,424Apparatus and method for improving paging performance while simultaneously operating in different types of communication networks
7,623,861Method and apparatus to optimize off-frequency pilot searching by wireless mobile station
7,602,840Acquisition of a gated pilot
7,190,962Networked wireless communications device programmed to identify and eliminate probable multipath errors to enhance accuracy in correcting sleep clock for thermally induced errors
7,065,129Acquisition of a gated pilot by avoiding partial correlation peaks
6,993,334Idle handoff with neighbor list channel replacement
6,992,618Method and apparatus for scheduling search for and acquisition of global positioning satellites
6,973,310Fast reacquisition after long sleep
6,922,435Method and apparatus for generating PN sequences at arbitrary phases
6,889,055Technique for reducing average power consumption in a wireless communications device
6,816,474Method and system for efficiently acquiring CDMA based overhead channel data frames
6,795,489Acquisition of a gated pilot
6,665,832Slotted mode decoder state metric initialization
6,650,912Selecting paging channel mode
6,639,907Method and apparatus for processing paging indicator bits transmitted on a quick paging channel
6,628,675Symbol combiner synchronization after a jump to a new time alignment
6,590,886Technique for reduction of awake time in a wireless communication device utilizing slotted paging
6,278,703Method and apparatus for improving neighbor searching performance